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Coconut Paste (Kerisik)

Carefully toasted over low heat to an ideal golden-brown shade.

Highly sought after for its fragrance, creamy flavour and as natural preservative function, the kerisik is an essential condiment and thickening agent unique to Asian cuisines especially the flavourful & popular ‘Rendang’..

It adds a delightful layer of delights to local delectable of local salad that is the kerabu and ulam.

Our kerisik is made from freshly grated mature coconut, carefully toasted over low heat to an ideal golden-brown shade to release its natural aroma before being pounded to paste.

No preservatives are included during the process for the original, authentic superb taste and caramelisation.

For added convenience of usage and storage, we packed our kerisik in kitchen handy, 100 grams, 500 grams and 1kg packs.

Food Regulations 1985 (Reg. 258 – Coconut Paste):

(1) Coconut paste shall be the viscous paste formed after passing desiccated coconut through the colloid mill.

(2) Coconut paste –

 (a) shall contain not less than 50 per cent of coconut oil; and

 (b) shall not contain more than 3 per cent of water.

The Health Benefits of Coconut

  • A good source of natural iron and phosphorous
  • Consumption increases the good cholesterol of HDL-c, reduces bad ones in LDL and Trigliserida.
  • Eradicate harmful microorganisms including fungi, microbes and protozoa.
  • High rate of metabolism assists in weight reduction.
  • Help strengthens and improves skin, bone and dental health.
  • Boosts brain functions
  • Improves digestion.

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