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Coconut Meat (Patek)

De-shelled & selected from the freshest white coconut meats.

These are de-shelled white meats selected from the freshest ripe coconuts.

We vacuum packed them in 10kg each bag to preserve freshness for when they are finally ready to be processed, which is usually in making on cue santan ie coconut milk.

In your hands: Clean, fresh coconut meat ready to be pressed for its creamy goodness.

With Patek coconut meat, there is no more wastage.

The Health Benefits of Coconut

  • A good source of natural iron and phosphorous
  • Consumption increases the good cholesterol of HDL-c, reduces bad ones in LDL and Trigliserida.
  • Eradicate harmful microorganisms including fungi, microbes and protozoa.
  • High rate of metabolism assists in weight reduction.
  • Help strengthens and improves skin, bone and dental health.
  • Boosts brain functions
  • Improves digestion.

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